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Robin’s nest

A robin has discovered the best place to build a nest at my parents’ summer place. The board over the front door that holds the porch light forms a sheltered ledge just the right size for a nest. Covered by the porch roof, it’s the perfect place to sit out rainstorms and windy days.

Building a nest can be a messy business, but the results seem perfectly satisfactory, and we are all looking forward to the launch of the next generation of household robins.

Construction waste


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While doing a quick update on the local Horticultural Society website, I came across this information about preserving the habitat of the Monarch butterfly:

KU News Release

April 21, 2005
Contact: Dan Lara, University Relations, (785) 864-8855.

KU researcher plans national effort to create ‘waystations’ for monarchs

LAWRENCE — University of Kansas ecology professor Orley “Chip” Taylor is starting a national effort to create 10,000 “monarch waystations” over the next three years to help preserve the dwindling numbers of monarch butterflies in the United States.

“We need a large-scale effort to help preserve the monarch,” said Taylor, who serves as director of Monarch Watch, an outreach organization based at KU that is dedicated to tracking the monarch’s migration and conserving its habitats. “The idea is to get everyone who is interested in the monarch butterfly and those interested in gardening to create monarch habitats.”

Here in Ontario, Canada, I’ve noticed a drop-off in the numbers of Monarchs that I see each summer, so I’ll identify what I need to do to make my yard more Monarch-friendly, using the resources available at the  Monarch Watch website.

Earth Day just seems like the right day to start.

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