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This year’s fig crop (the first!) has increased by 50% with the arrival of Fig Three. Fig One and Fig Two are growing steadily, and are still firm and green.

Another little branch has formed too, which is good news as we are trying to achieve a bush shape which is a challenge with only three branches.

As it’s only the end of June, there’s a strong possibility that these will ripen, and I hope we get them before the critters do.

There’s another development to report – I think the Uplands Cotton plant is going to bloom – this doesn’t look like another leaf and there are some very tiny but similar buds on some of the other plants. This one is far ahead of the others in size.

I’ve read that cotton likes the same sort of fertilizer as tomatoes, so I’ve added a tomato spike to each pot.

The Indigo is growing, but looks like it could also use a boost, so I’ve added tomato spikes to each pot here too.

There will have to be significant leaf growth to produce enough leaves for fibre dyeing.


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First Fig Crop

The little fig tree from last summer has grown nicely and is now sporting two little figs!

It’s only just left the shelter of the back porch to spend the summer outside the back door, but it seems to have taken the transition in stride.

The figs will be monitored closely so we’ll know how long they take to ripen, and whether they can do so before the warm weather ends and the fig tree must go back into the porch for the winter.

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